Kata Sequences

The kata sequences are energetic frequencies especially studied to awaken our senses, our emotions, and our sensations by the support of gesture. At the beginning of this training, the "witness" stage is an indispensable step to overcome; we look at ourselves acting, the proposed movements are mirrors that reflect blockages. At the next stage and when the technique becomes mastered, the kata sequences put themselves at service and we deliver some messages to our unconscious behaviors.

At the superior stage, we totally incarnate the vital energy that is used so that kata sequences support to express its art and to find its source. By consciously freeing the body's blockages and tensions, we give the possibility to the spirit to enter into decisive action. If the body is put at the service of consciousness, the spirit finally is freed to decide and the being can act in certitude, that is to say in accordance with itself. This is why Kin-Jo has all its usefulness, because it allows those who practice it to renew so to go with this conscious action in their daily lives.