Life is movement. All is moving, the planets, the galaxies, ourselves, and the interior of our bodies, the infinitely small. To do movement is to cultivate life in itself by its "movement." If we put our consciousness in the movement, we participate in life and create in it. Thereby, in going to search for life energy in movement, we put ourselves in empathy with the universe. The eternity is indefinable; life is definable by the infinite movement by which they are expressed. The vital energy animates the body; it circulates through the energetic centers and meridians. When it is stagnant or blocked, there follows disorders that touch the concerned organs by its zones.

They subsequently risk to involute just the illness. It is for this reason that it is essential continuously to monitor a good energetic circulation. The activation of this vital energy will allow to establish this circulation. The movement should also be coupled with the energy of the gaze. The gaze allows us to take consciousness of all that is around us. Our materialistic era distances us from beauty. It is important to change this view from cold and hard and to have a new appreciation of ourselves and our environment; this is the same for movement. It must be beautiful and harmonious to be put in unison with nature that radiates her essence.