A noise, a cry and a sound, these are not the same thing. Sound is the expression of a vibrational frequency emitted by a being in total consciousness of the power of action of that being. It can only be emitted and perceived by the living. So, sound is a testimony of life. We will not emit a sound for ourselves, but to give birth to a "sound entity" that will have a time to live more or less long, following its emission and our own position of consciousness. This time of life will be determined by the power of its frequency at the moment when it is produced. The more it is long and conscious, larger will be the returned positive intensity for who emitted it. If we have emitted with the support of consciousness, the sound will continue to diffuse itself even if we do not hear it.

To produce sounds in consciousness is an art of listening. These sounds have been tested by energetic practitioners in function of the vibrational frequency of associated consonants and vowels so that they could have a resonant internal power and that they could project into action to augment their external efficacy. For the execution of these movements, we will use them only when the technique has been integrated perfectly. They will be "implosive" or "explosive." An "explosive" sound is projected by the voice with the support of the vocal chords. An "implosive" sound starts from the hara and lets to pass its vibration by its resonance at the level of its Intersect point.