Ethics and Virtue

If you have this determination, for one’s well- being and for the well-being of others, the approach ceases to be personal, and opens us towards the collective. What is the collective? We should not confuse the collective with collectivism. The collective is a set. The one we are talking about is the collective of men and women, regardless of race, religion or place of residence. The power of this opening is the only one which enables us to access higher levels of mastery of this discipline. Thus, we will quickly realize the power of awareness when it is dedicated not to oneself but to the whole humanity which is connected to the single source.

The virtue of Kin-Jo gives the student the possibility, if that is his/her choice, to live in rectitude, consciousness, engagement, tolerance, recognition, sacredness, spirituality and universal love.


To represent rectitude, we can visualize an imaginary straight line that would link the earth to heaven and which pierces each being from one side to the other. If we consider man as an antenna, a hyphen between this side and the other side of the weft, we understand that man’s primary function is to incarnate a straight line, and not a broken line. It consists of keeping physically upright, in balance and feeling that we are at the service of this line, which must be our ethic and connects us to the first source.


 We often confuse intelligence and consciousness. Consciousness is a universal energy which does not belong to man but to Creation. When we take consciousness, we seize an opportunity: that of progression. This progression is a desire for fusion; finding the source in oneself that comes from this single source. Becoming conscious is a joy, since it is the only way to be able to acquire freedom. If man remains in unconsciousness, one risks being fooled and being the toy of others, but also of the negative forces. Consciousness opens the doors of eternity. Unconsciousness produces nothing; it deludes to better put its preys to sleep and then sends them to the spheres of anti-consciousness.


We cannot engage in anything if we are not on our own identity, that is to say in the full development of our own personality. If we live in rectitude and in consciousness, then we can engage in our choices and our lives. Regardless of our options, the most important is that they are ours, in certainty.


Tolerant people are those who are in the recognition of the human being, of his/her weaknesses, of his/her grandeur. They know how to put themselves at the reach of everyone, without making arbitrary judgment and without a sense of superiority.


Recognition stems from tolerance. If we tolerate the differences and multiplicity of the positive and negative facets of the other, if we are able to open a heart to heart dialogue, then we can recognize ourselves and recognize others, with a conscious admiration devoid of alienating projections. The art is to sincerely express emotions and sensations following a concept and a personal prism. By the recognition of the prism, we will be able to demonstrate a sincere admiration.

The Sacred

We can have the sense of the sacred only if we have learned to respect others and to respect ourselves. The sacred is the recognition of the divine presence in the Self, in others and in all things. The sacred is an enlargement of consciousness, however the small pebble and the button of gold, the bird and the child, the man and the stars, are but one and the same reality originating from this universal source.


 When we are in respect for nature and the sacredness embodied in it, then we can open our consciousness to supra-consciousness. The latter brings us toward spaces much more subtle which are not perceptible to our eyes but only to our other senses. Spirituality is the desire of empathy with the universe, the desire to communicate with the spirit which animates all things and that breathes life across the worlds. Spirituality is the progression of the soul toward the source from it derives.

 Universal love

 Only then we will embody this energy of universal love which embraces and sublimates; this is indescribable or intransmissible, like the truth; it is by the perfect mastery of Kin-Jo that the initiated being has the possibility to access.