International Seminar KIN-JO Belgrade 2014

1 July 2016
 July 1, 2016
Category Workshop

It is our great pleasure to present you the part of the atmosphere from the Kin-jo seminar, held in Serbia, Belgrade.

The seminar lasted for 5 days, and brought together 23 people from different countries. We had participants from Slovenia, the Netherlands, Crete, Cyprus and Serbia

Many thanks to our colleague Angel Robledo Sanchez from Spain, who held a great seminar.

Students were taught all levels of Kin-Jo.

The last three days have been reserved for transmitors of Kin-Jo,seminar for profesionas,l where they perfected their practice and studied the highest levels of Kin-Jo, Causal body.

The seminar marked the grand opening of the new knowledge, re-union of old friends and making new friends.

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Best Regards, Kin-Jo team Serbia.

Tanja Jovanovic, Belgrad, Serbia.

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