Immersion course

(Duration 3 to 5 days)

Contents of the day

Morning at sunrise Meditation on chosen theme (30min)

Morning workshop: integration of the physical

  • • Reconnecting with reality
  • • Setting in motion and repositioning
  • • Harmonization with the environment
  • • Practice
  • • Taking consciousness of the Intersect Point
  • • Purification by SOU
  • • Practice of different sequences through the Katas
  • • Relaxation 20 min

Different ingredients will be provided throughout the workshop to enable the practitioner to let go of daily life and gently be in contact fully with his/her reality.

Meals are shared in silence.

The afternoon workshop is the same as the morning workshop with integration of the etheric plane

Over the days. Everything is gathered for a very thorough practice of Kin-Jo that will lead the trainee to reconnect with his own truth a little more with each day. You will leave with the discovery of several levels that you can deepen and maintain by the regularity of a weekly practice.