Internship course

(Duration 4h)

Contents of the session

1. Reconnecting with reality, with one’s own reality.

What is happening in my body? Time of recognition and acceptance of what is (state of openness, knot, possible tensions, disturbance on the physical, psychological and emotional). Let it appear, observe, witness and recognize without entering it.

2. Setting in motion and repositioning

Articular exploration, muscle warm-up, proprioceptive wakefulness and conscious choice of the position of fair balance = postural identity. Choose to "rebuild" your rectitude, your verticality, to find the fundamental “LA” of each articular segment. This position is the first real act of combat of the practitioner. It is choosing to be and to embody a free man and women in his or her own dimension regardless of the circumstances.

3. Harmonization with the environment

Expansion of consciousness and refinement of the recognition of space, in the moment by the awakening of the five senses to what is present here and now.

4. Practice
  • • Take consciousness of the Intersect Point
  • • Purification by the sound SOU
  • • Practice of the different levels through the sequences and the katas
  • • Relaxation time 20 min
  • • Time of practice in silence

The Internship formula allows you to be in the comprehensive discovery of a level (e.g. the physical). You'll leave with the complete technical knowledge of a level that you can maintain and improve by a continuous weekly practice.