Weekly sessions

Duration 1h15 to 2 hours depending on the practical level: Physical, Etheric, Astral, Causal

Contents of the session

1. Reconnecting with reality, with one's own reality

What is happening in my body? Time of recognition and acceptance of what is (state of openness, knots, possible tensions, disturbances either physical, psychological, emotional). Let it appear, observe it as a witness and recognize without involuting into it.

2. Set in motion and repositioning

Articular exploration, muscle warm-up, proprioceptive wakefulness and conscious choice of the position of fair balance = postural identity. Choose to "rebuild" your rectitude, your verticality, to find the fundamental “LA” of each articular segment. This position is the first real act of combat of the practitioner. It is choosing to be and embody a free man in his own dimension regardless of the circumstances.

4. Practice
  • • Take consciousness of the Intersect Point
  • • Purification by the sound SOU
  • • Practice of the different levels through the sequences and the katas

The weekly sessions formula proposes the discovery of different katas, of different sequences and different levels in a gradual way at your own pace. It allows a regular practice, where a smooth change is taking place in total respect of the practitioner.